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ismiseniamh's Journal

La Belle Rebel
26 April 1916
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Dia duit! Is mise Niamh. For those of you who don't speak Gaelic, Hello, I'm Niamh (pronounced NEEV). I absolutely LOVE history, and though my first love always has been, is, and always shall be the Middle Ages I confess that I am at present having a rather passionate love affair with the rest of history. I love to sew, so I couple it with my love of history to create historical costumes. I refuse to do half the work on a costume- even the undergarments must be right! :D Irish born and raised, I love my land, and her history. Even though I am so young, I believe it is sooo important to keep history alive, and I admit I rather despise anything past 1960 (which, in my humble opinion, did absolutely nothing for music OR fashion :D haha) I hope to stay in the country when I'm older and write or direct films (or make the costumes for them) whilst keeping a farm. I shall have horses, a cow, some other animals, and, gods willing, a hawk or two. I am a proud Pagan (predominantly Celtic) currently undergoing the training of life. :D