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I am committed to this bustle trip. And by 'committed' I mean 'gee it would be nice if this happened because I'm feeling really bustle-y'. :P

1882 Morning Gown

Main Fabric: I was going for something like this-

But I couldn’t find that actual fabric. I’m not a huge fan of the exact color of the gown in the painting (it seems a bit too ‘burned’ of an English rose color to me) so it being summer, I thought I’d go with something with a little more summery and fruity. Literally, with this raspberry cotton velveteen from Renaissance Fabrics:

I have this problem where if I can’t find something I need, I get to thinking, “how hard could it REALLY be to emboss velvet?!” Turns out, for once, this particular skill is not all that difficult at all. :P I got some excess cotton velvet that I had lying around and tried it out (all you need is a water spray bottle, a rubber stamp, an iron, and the fabric), and it worked wonderfully. So, I’ll just go to Michael’s today and acquire the right design and then just make the fabric myself. Eep!

For the satin ribbon ties, I’ll go with ivory and rose, I think. They have burgundy and crimson as well, and also raspberry velvet. I could also go the local route and get wider ribbon that matches the fabric, but it would be bias cut silk, and I don't want it to fray in such a prominent place. (Also RF.)

For the lace trim I’ll probably go to Piecemakers or ruffle around in the Stash. But, I would like something like this (from Cotton Lace):

Because I’m doing the overgown in raspberry, it would probably be more prudent to do the skirts in a color taffeta a little more stunning than the powder pink of the painting. It almost makes me feel bad- the artist clearly was going for a ‘rose’ theme, and I’ve quite ruined it. :P

I was actually thinking I might like a dark rose taffeta for the underskirts- it would match the ties, too. But I don’t like the idea of underskirts drawing attention to themselves unless there’s a fantastic amount of fluting on them or something, and even then, the point of the early 1880s is the idea that everything is so over-trimmed that it somehow achieves a look of simplicity. :P Besides, I wanted the overgown to be a bold color in and of itself, not the entire ensemble to be loud.

And then I found this (also RF):

It’s a shot taffeta with a warp of dark pink and a weft of white.

Now, those of you who sew may know that a project isn’t a project until it has earned itself a name. And this one has, officially.

This is The Sorbet Gown. I think we can all see why. XP

Not to discredit the artist (Julius LeBlanc Stewart, by the way), but in 1882 he painted this and titled it “Disappointment”; if you look at the feet of the lady, you can see why. She seems to have gotten a letter the contents of which have made her... well, disappointed. When I make a gown directly inspired by a painting or fashion plate, I like to take a photograph either imitating or in front of (or both, if I can) the original. Since I’m changing this one a bit, I think it’d be cool to make raspberry tea and put a bowl of raspberries on the table instead of the roses. Maybe I could be happy about something instead of sad. Only time shall tell! :P

OH! I almost forgot. I simply MUST procure a pair of those STOCKINGS. I MUST not knit the stockings I WILL not knit the stockings I MUST not knit the stockings…!


I'm getting a fluter, so now of course I want to do some 1870s. I need a vacation of Victorian froofiness, and the 1870s is the embodiment of Victorian froofiness. I really, really want just... a happy day. A sunshine filled, Tissot painting, happy day. And I can accomplish that with beautiful buildings, beautiful people, and beautiful clothing. With frills. And trim. And trim on the trim, because 1870s.

Ugh, I don't know. I just need a trip.


Faire Stuff

So, I have a Faire Update. We have a kirtle bodice! I have to finish beading the skirt and then I'll attach that, but it's almost done, and then I can move on to the doublet. For having started three months ago thinking I had plenty of time, it's amazing how I only have a week to get it all done. Again. Am I right, ladies? :P

The sleeves aren't on yet in this picture, and I'm not wearing a shift, because I just needed to see how it fit.


So I need to make a list of things to make this year (and by 'this year' I mean 'until June'). I'm trying to be realistic.


1840 Commission ball gown. - March 23.

1860 Ball Gown. I won't die if I don't get this done, I have other things to wear. - March 23.

Faire Gown. I expect this to take me every free second from now until Faire; kirtle, doublet, overskirt, gloves, hat. -April 6- May 19.

Ireland Wardrobe. - I'm going home this summer, and for once I'll be able to pack as I please. So I expect I'll need some Edwardian things, Tudor/Elizabethan, Medieval, mid-20th c., maybe some Regency/18th c... we'll see. I'll make a list and update.

Fabric Sale!

I really haven't a need for this anymore, so I'm selling it. I'll post it on Etsy, but I wanted everyone here to have a gander first.

It's a burgundy polyester velvet with embroidered flowers. Just over 4.5 yards, 60" wide. Much darker than in these pictures- the flash was on. The true color is much closer to the shaded areas of the photographs. The fabric has an excellent watered look it, and would look lovely draped, I think. The embroidery is a drab scroll of connected crescents with leaves on them-

It would be a great fabric for perhaps an Elizabethan round cap or coif, or even upholstery. Something fantasy would be gorgeous, and you wouldn't have to worry about the polyester. I originally bought it for a cloak, but never got around to making it.

The fabric itself was originally $12/yd, but I'm selling it for $50 plus shipping (which I'll find out about).


CADD, Good LORD...!

I'm feeling Elizabethan, of all things. How on earth THAT happened, I have NO idea. But, I am taking advantage of the situation and acknowledging that it is time to prefaire (with is both an actual word for pre-faire and a portmanteau of 'prepare' and 'faire'. I am overly fond of portmanteaus, sorry. XP )

I wanted to do something more upper middle class this year, since I just finished a court gown. This particular design ended up being fairly high class anyways, but hey. XP

The plan is: Grey wool doublet and skirt with crimson (probably braid, velvet for the skirt) trim and crimson brocade forepart, and modesty panel. All brocade will be beaded with pearls. Shift of white fustian linen with redwork embroidery on the collar and cuff bands. (And, of course, a giant hat. :P )


Close Up:

I am thinking maybe I should put grey wool sleeves and make the doublet a full jacket. It would make it wearable for more middle-class stuff. If anyone has opinions, by all means voice them! :)

I Have Such Horrible CADD Right Now

I want all the eras. And of course the one I need to be working on is the one I don't feel like working on. Argh.

I have a modern commission (well, two) that I keep putting off, besides an 1840s gown that NEEDS to be done by Thursday. I caved and agreed to go to Homecoming with a friend, and since the themes is "At the Beach", I'm going to make an Edwardian bathing suit. That's February 8. So I have a week to make that.

...but I'm feeling Regency, and Monday is the first day of spirit week ("'Murica Monday") so I'm thinking I'll finish the Patriot Gown (WPG) for it.


EUREKA! (And 1880s).

So for about the past 3 months I've known that the Jane Austen ball is tomorrow. I couldn't find my bag of Regency fabric though, which was bad, since it had fabric for 7 projects (including short stays) in it.

Well, I JUST found it, so we'll see if I can't whip out a ball gown in 24 hours. XP

In other news, the 1880 ensemble is done- forgive the bad lighting, you can't really see the bustle so I just took pictures of the front. The shirtwaist is pleated from a yoke, and the skirt is a lobstertail underskirt and bustle overskirt. The former has a train, but I couldn’t really get a nice picture of it, and I need more petticoats (and one with a balayeuse) to emphasize it. This outfit was originally meant for Knott’s Haunt, but I think I’ll make another skirt out of the remaining shirtwaist fabric for that, more of a walking length.

I’ve worn this hat twice re-trimmed for two eras in two days. Best $4.95 I’ve spent in a while haha! The beautiful earrings were a Christmas gift from Maggie.


In spirit of the topics we are covering in history and literature in school, I wore 1770s today.


And more of the cap! This cap is seriously my new favorite accoutrement. It took 3 re-watches of 'Felicitcy: An American Girl Story' to finish. XP

(This gown is actually not mine, but care of the lovely and talented reine_de_coudre. Everything else is mine. I made a new bumroll for it last night, and I love how it looks- my other one was far too small and not sturdy enough to hold up under the weight of petticoats.)



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